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Keep me where the light is

I’m blaming ALL of yesterday on the #BloodMoon

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I needed at least one stranger.


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Under a cliff and people have the same questions as me… (at Under Sunset Cliffs “The Hidden Arch Cave”)

I’ve been looking for this since I found it a year ago… (at Under Sunset Cliffs “The Hidden Arch Cave”)

Sometimes I just wish it was a journal and other times I feel like I wrote it for a lot of us. This is that.

20140414-013416.jpgI wrote the note to myself and I continued to ask myself why I was allowing my body to sink deeper and deeper into the ocean without putting up a fight. How full would I allow my lungs to become with water until I woke up and started to fight for my life? Sometimes the moments are big and earth shattering like lightening cracking on a hot summer night. And sometimes they are like today.


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Dear Jess…

Yeah um…Ima ask my boo if he’s cool with just quietly eloping. #WeddingsAreASetUp #WinterIsComing #CerseiIsAboutToUnleashTheCrakken #gameofthrones

I am a twenty-something PhD student, writer, artist, lover, dreamer living in San Diego, California. I believe in love, Southern hospitality, sunshine, dancing rain or shine, and doing the impossible. And here is where I let my heart run free. For the rest:

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